Introduction Flash Chat Server provides some userful server APIs for the horny chat line luchiang application to invoke data using socket or read room or user data from server data rooma. Get Server Running Status from the files When a chat server is running, some parameters are stored in text files which can be read by your application.

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homeroofideas.info offer free flash chat installation when you order flash chat services with flash chat you can build your: 1- voice chatting online rooms. Invisible Admin Module It's an optional module escort elite alpharetta which administrator can monitor chat conversation in chat room invisibly. With it you can develop an application to connect to the chat server via a socket.

Change Background Every skin of flashchat has some backgrounds for you to pick.

123 flash chat rooms

Even if the one you're private chatting with left the current dlash, maybe he was in room-listmaybe he entered another room, as long as he didn't log out the whole chat, you can still private chat with him. Standard, Premium, Ultimate. This can happen if you've already logged in before or you've logged into the website and automatically logged into the chat.

123 flash chat rooms

The smiley faces you've chosen will appear at the bottom of your conversation, at maximum you can select one line of smileys. If you are now in a paticular chatroom, you can only find some option buttons at the top instead of 'Logout' button. You don't have to choose any words in your message to change it underline, just click this 'U' icon and escorts in victorville ca message become underline.

These will keep changing depending on the changes of specific rooms.

123 flash chat rooms

Perhaps you share a workstation with someone else, in this case you'd better log out of the chat room upon leaving for security reason. You will be taken to a screen where you can enter a 'user', 'password','re-password', ''. Changing Room When you change room from a normal to a password-protected one, a popup dialogue will ask for password. So please periodically backup chat log.

Nickname is the display name you used to chat, it's more flexible. This allows you to keep the same identity indian prostitution in sydney you come back, and the guest users can't use your user name anymore.

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Chatters are able to open a private window to any other escorts sandy springs in the same channel to talk one on one, unless admin disabled this feature. If there's a 'register' button at the top menu, you can click it to enter registration form.

123 flash chat rooms

vlash Send command to server to push or query the real-time data This feature can be very handy for an advanced user. As new messages come in, old messages will scroll off the top of the screen. You don't have to choose any words in your message rockland county escorts change it italic, just click this 'I' icon and your message become italic.

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If a room is full for the time being, you will be told to come around later. Enter any nickname you prefer. If it's a 'Logout' button instead, that means you already logged in.

123 flash chat rooms

Bold Font The 'B' icon represents bold text. Once you escorts in shenzhen out, this setting will restore default. So if the conversation is very important to you, please remember to save it before you leave. Your nickname will automatically be inserted and the text will appear differently than normal channel messages.

You'd better enable the 'sound' button so that even if you left the chat window, you know what's going on in this room. Register Overview When you visit Flash Chat room, you may wish to register your paticular user.

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Note: If any of the above clash disappears, don't worry, it's just disabled by webmaster. Flash Player 64 Bits Windows 7 Download It has text and video chat included, and it offers multiple skins, multilingual support and seamless integration to your database such chat latino en miami Joomla! In latter case, please contact webmaster to seek help. Your message appears on the chat screen followed your nickname.

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50 Connections, $99, $, $ To chat in spanish, $, $, $ Unlimited Connections, $ $, $ $​, $ Flash Chat Client Help Register. You don't have to highlight any words in your message to change it bold, just click this 'B' icon and the whole message become bold.

Nickname is different from username. Underline Font The 'U' icon represents underline text.

123 flash chat rooms

The Change-Nickname is just a plug-in optional module based on flash chat server software, which can only work housewives personals in portola ca with flashchat instead of being used alone. HTML edition is available as an alternative chat client now. Once a color is selected from the color-picker, the whole message will change to this color.

If you just click 'quit', you will return to the room list and you can enter another room. Ordinary users can't ignore speaker, moderator or admin. Don't forget to click '' button before clicking a room to enter.

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Cached messages New! Sending messages After selecting a room to enter, you can type a message in the input field near the bottom of the screen to chat and hit 'enter' on keyboard or the button 'send' to send the message out.

Or you can check chat history in option panel: options-view. Introduction Flash Chat Server provides polish escort in edmonton userful server APIs for the third-party application to invoke data using socket or read room or user data from server data folder. If the icon is not clickable, that means admin has disabled 'change nickname' function. Top buttons. Room Password. Click it again, the screen will rioms scrolling all over again.

The of entries of messages was configured by admin. Moderated-Chat If the administrator install moderated-chat module, then when you access some chatroom, you may be notified that this's a moderated-chat room, your words may not go porno room until the moderator or admin passed it.

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The answer is- a neat, feature rich and easy chat room! Click the top bar of private window to activate different private chat window. Chat bot Message New!

123 flash chat rooms

Speaker's words can show directly into the chat lobby without permission of admin or moderator. Click 'exit room' button then escorts rockies return room-list. Stop when you find a room you want to chat in. Click 'change background' icon and you'll see variable backgrounds.

123 flash chat rooms

By default you have flzsh space for chat ohare escorts, but surely you can set it bigger or smaller in option panel, according to your hardware performance.